Drawing from the wealth of experience of the Marine team at Purefluids, the company also provides Consultancy and related services in the following areas to clients in the Oil and other sectors of the economy...


We are provider of Boat Logistics Services to the Oil Industry as we supply and operates various types of Services, Boats and Marine platforms to support offshore operations... Read more...


We developed our quality management system over the years, which has proven highly successful for the Company as a working business tool to deliver consistently highly quality services......


Marine Security and Support Services

We improve and maintain offshore security to balanced with the need to ensure the free flow of Vessels and people, which in turn maintains the competitiveness of offshore marine services and economic vitality.

Purefluids Oil and Gas here is as proactively participated in security enhancement in terms of training,planing and investment.

Our fleet is compliant with all security requirements:

For companies with high value facilities located within riverine communities we provide Community security surveillance services to enhance their their confidence Offshore platform Armed security escort; protection We provide terminal security surveillance and protection Covert maritime intelligence gathering and reporting to client's security department or relevant government agencies. Port facility and ship security surveys/audits and assessments Vessel inwards/outwards security escort services; Anchorage security coverage/protection


Marine Logistics

We can provide the right vessel to meet our customer’s needs. 

Our vessels serve for drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work.

Our vessels provide all services for exploration, development and production activities including:

Standby Safety

Towing and anchor handling.

Delivery of cargo and supplies

fuel, water, and food to offshore rigs and platforms

Transportation for offshore Construction & maintenance work

Ocean Towing

Transportation for personnel


Marine Support Services

We Respond to the oil field needs of our clients. We have at our disposal the technology to deliver efficient services within  our operational region with our expertise.

At Purefluid Oil and Gas, we  help our clients to maximize value and  manage their long term energy needs.

We work with a network of companies across the energy value chain with the primary focus on how we can best build long term relationships that yields to robust opportunities for all of our technical.


We put our Client first and ensure our best meets clients’ needs and deliver that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in every operation we undertake.

We listen to clients, chat with them to know their opinion and give possible recommendations base on our experience and professionalism in Marine Industry.

Purefluids Oil and Gas ensure that We are positioned to handle any type and/or volume of cargo at reasonable rates and service charges.

Offshores Equipment

Purefluids Oil and Gas Professional Practice and experience in Offshore through the years, has led us to supply big variety of vessels, also prototype, which has always matched with client requirement and international regulation on offshore operations.

Marine Logistics and Supply

We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities and can provide the right vessel to meet our customer’s needs. Our vessels serve drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance Work

We strive to provide international business solutions such as marine base services, vessel management and upstream production service