About us

Purefluids Oil & Gas Limited was established as a practical demonstration of the belief by its founders that the Nigerian Entrepreneur can rise to the challenge of creating an indigenous company that will employ the best available skills and technologies to give its clients international standard of service and satisfaction.

Thus from inception, the promoters of the company have worked assiduously to meet set goals in the various specialties. Purefluids has combined extensive local knowledge with selective foreign technical partnership to create unique competencies that sets it apart from the competitors, whether local or foreign.

Working with commitment and a philosophy of efficient service delivery-timely, on – budget, safely and responsibly and employing a general management approach that places premium on innovation and creativity, Purefluids is able to not only meet clients’ requirement but also respond in a dynamic and positive manner with regards to their changing needs.

Employing a judicious mix of dedicated and experienced Nigerians and expatriates as maybe required in project team, Purefluids work force plan is reflective of its international outlook and technical orientation.

By a system of rigorous staff recruitment process, regular training and re-training, Purefluids ensure that at any given time, she has the right compliment of personnel to meet its operational needs.

Additionally, its standard in Quality Assurance and HSE continue to meet International standards at all times.


Mr. Raphael Aniefiok is Managing Director Purefluid’s oil and Gas Limited, a B.Sc Holder in Mathematics.

Mr. Raphael Aniefiok has for years been into the business of Oil and Gas, marine Sector Providing Solutions to Challenges in Marine logistics and Securities. Managed good number of Vessels, barges and Security boats.

From his wealth of experience, he has been able to Train and build the best crew in Marine sector. Bringing together different experts both in marine Logistics and Security,

To Capp it all, Mr. Raphael Aniefiok is a Smart, Social person to always count on especially when the pressure is high to ensure Service Quality SQ with his crew.


To achieve leadership in our chosen field through the relentless pursuit of ever Improving levels of efficiency and service delivery.


Boat Logistics

Ship Management Services

Consultancy & Broker Services

Marine security services (Marine police/ Navy)


To grow the fleet and efficiency in Service delivery, build more professional competent crew with modern security  facilities to meet recent challenges

Our Business

Purefluid oil and   Gas develop new business related to the field of ship supplies and marine services, same time strives to meet the verse Marine shipping requirement 

We Ensure quality control, efficiency in delivery and affordability of services.  Same time maintains and upgrading Customer relationship. We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities that can provide the right Security boat with personnel’s and vessels to meet our customer’s needs.

 Our vessels serve drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work.

Our Crew

Purefluids Oil and Gas has very good expertise Team that is bonded with long time experience in different Jobs within Oil and gas and marine industries.

We are proud of our rudiments in operations and work-ethics that places priority on our clients, our personnel are highly motivated making them more diligent in responding to client’s needs. Furthermore, by virtue of the extensive and vast experience of our personnel,

Purefluids Oil and Gas Crew ensure that clients standard and policy in offshore field are being held up and practiced with great value during business and operations.

We possess a thorough knowledge and meticulous when it comes to Clients Clearance Procedure for