Our Services



Drawing from the wealth of experience of the Marine team at Purefluids, the company also provides Consultancy and related services in the following areas to clients in the Oil and other sectors of the economy:

  • Sales and Purchase (S & P) of Equipment Towage 
  • Inspection and survey

Working with alliances in Europe and related companies in Nigeria, Purefluids oil & Gas Ltd has successfully delivered services in this work scope to a number of reputable clients in the Country.

Marine Logistics

Purefluids is a provider of Boat Logistics Services to the Oil Industry.

In this work scope, the company supplies and operates various types of Services, Boats and Marine platforms to support offshore operations;

  • Drilling Production Construction and Maintenance work.

Purefluids over time has successfully provided such services to virtually all the major E & P Companies in Nigeria as well as in other countries within the West Africa Region.

In executing this function, Purefluids develops the synergy of her foreign technical alliances which include amongst other groups such as –MCIS bv, Allied Marine Services bv, Blackstone Inc, all foremost Vessel Operators and Managers.


Purefluids Oil & Gas offers ship management and related husbandry services to clients.

In this business activity segment, the company has successfully managed a fleet of vessels for clients, providing a full suite of services covering: Crewing and Management, Technical   Superintendence Commercial/Trading activity for the vessels.

Vessels managed by the company include:

  • Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT)
  • Crew Supply Vessels (CSV)
  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • Multipurpose Vessels

Her present fleet, consist of 5 nos. vessels namely: Mv Akwa star, Mv African Star1&2, Mv Field Marshal, Mv Seabulk Niger, Mv Blue Jay,MV Express 12,MV Zikon Defender and a Dredger all on full employment.

All of these vessels are engaged in Afren and Addax Fields.

Marine Support Services

We Respond to the oil field needs of our clients. We have at our disposal the technology to deliver efficient services within our operational region with our expertise.

At Purefluid’s Oil and Gas we help our clients to maximize value and manage their long term energy needs.

We work with a network of companies across the energy value chain with the primary focus on how we can best build long term relationships that yields to robust opportunities for all of our technical

Vessel Hire

Purefluids Oil and Gas is among the leading Service Provider for Vessel Hire Services.

Our Vessel Hire Services are the most sought after Services in the market due to safe and timely delivery of the consignments and customer relationship

  • Mini Supply Vessels
  • Utility/Workboats
  • Survey / Research Vessels
  • Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSV)
  • Accommodation and Hook-Up Vessels
  • Anchor Handling Tugs
  • Supply Vessels
  • Utility Boats
  • Flat Top Bulk Transport Barges
  • Jack-Up Barges
  • Support Vessels

Marine Logistics

We can provide the right vessel to meet our customer’s needs. Our vessels serve for drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work.

Our vessels provide all services for exploration, development and production activities including:

a) Standby Safety

b) Towing and anchor handling.

c) Delivery of cargo and supplies, fuel, water, and food to offshore rigs and platforms